The Abundance Trifecta

See Abundance

There is always beauty. There is always good. There is always abundance.


It is our choice to see it.

It is our ability to be grateful for the abundance in your world today that attracts more abundance to you. 


Be grateful, acknowledge and see the abundance that exists now. Create the feeling of abundance now by acknowledging all that you already have, all that exists already - be here now.

Acknowledge the abundance in your day to day life - in nature, the leaves on the trees, the coffee purchased for you by your colleague, the invitation for dinner at your best friend’s house, the overflow of amazing service at the restaurant, the smiles from the strangers on the street. 


The brain works in such a way that as something is top of mind, we see more of it. The state of gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for. Your brain will literally start to seek out more things to be grateful and feel abundant about. Where you put your energy and focus, it grows. As you feel more abundance, the momentum of the wave starts to flow. This is a beautiful process. 


As you see the abundance that exists, acknowledge it by taking photos, writing a social media post or drawing / painting a photo.


Hastag #theabundancemovement and tag @the_abundancemovement


Give Abundance

Whatever you give more of, you receive more of. When you authentically leave someone better than you found them, it comes back to you in more ways than you can count.

Leaving people with the impression of increase can become a beautiful habit. It can be done in so many ways as an act of abundance. 


For example, you may be in line at a food shop and you notice a woman’s shoes, acknowledge her, smile sincerely and give her a compliment. You see a post on social media that inspires you, send a note of appreciation to thank them. You are in the park and you hear a man whistling as he walks his dog, you get lost in the sound. Take a moment to look into his eyes and thank him for his song. You may be at your favourite restaurant and have the impulse to tip 100% of the bill or pay for the table next to you. Or perhaps you are at the salon and you overhear a conversation between a mother and her daughter about the cost of a pedicure and you think “wouldn’t it be nice if I paid for her pedicure today” and you do. Just because you desire to. You see an older person struggling with their groceries and you offer to carry them to their car and help them and then share a compliment with them as you leave. 


Think about the wave of abundance you put out into the world.

There is a ripple effect to giving abundance. 


The server at the restaurant pays it forward with how she treats the customers that come in for the rest of the day. The woman who you complimented smiles more often today than usual, feeling confident and pays it forward to others she meets. The father in the park goes home and gives compliments to his kids and so on and so on.


The Universe rewards your giving. What you put out comes back, not necessarily from the source you gave to, but from the Infinite Supply of the Universe.


Receive Abundance

Receiving abundance is the third pillar in the trifecta of abundance. Through the Abundance Movement we abundantly give and graciously receive. 

Receiving is the opposite of giving. Everything comes back to its source. 


Abundance works the same way. As you see more abundance, consciously give more, you learn to receive more. 


Abundance is our birthright.

Allow the flow of abundance to bless your life. 


You may receive abundance through your career, manifesting an increase of clients or perhaps an unexpected gift from a friend. It could be a dinner bought for you by your neighbour.

You may receive abundance when making a regular purchase and finding the item on sale or an unexpected discount on your phone bill.
You could receive more abundance by hitting every single green light on your travels today. 

Or perhaps being upgraded to first class on your flight or gifted a glass of champagne at your favourite restaurant. Or perhaps you attracted a parking spot outside a busy shop in the middle of the city. 


How are you receiving abundance today? Be open to receiving it, acknowledging it and asking “more of this please”. 


Notice the infinite nature of abundance. The wave of the feeling of abundance. You see abundance and get in harmony with this feeling of gratitude, you give in the same energy and you receive it back in a bigger and better way than you expected. It’s beautiful.